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New hens a laying!

It finally started the little chicks we got last fall have started helping out with egg production! Unfortunately they are more free-rangers then the other birds so now we get to have impromptu Easter egg hunts.. Here is a picture … Continue reading

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Not a Tom

So our lone turkey has turned out to not be a Tom and is now dubbed Tina. How do we know you ask?! “She” started laying eggs and last I checked toms do not. You may steal that wisdom if … Continue reading

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Happy Monday!

Ya what of it!?

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Asparagus asparaguses?

So this is how new projects start, went by the feed store to get goat feed and alfalfa, started looking at the various “stuff” they have and saw a sign ‘Asparagus .50 ea’ Now I’m digging trenches and putting these … Continue reading

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Blue Barrel Sawzall and 2mins

The chickens have been drinking out of the goat water again. Modified the bucket so they can get a better perch on it and put a handle on the back to make it easier to dump for cleaning. Works great … Continue reading

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