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How to brine a whole hog (aka: The Pig Waterer)

          The secret to getting a perfect brine for a whole hog is to start while they are small and slowly over the months infuse the pig with the brine from the inside out. Plus Vodka … Continue reading

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Pig feeding time

This is when he was still a little guy, smacking away on some kitchen scraps..he sure enjoys eating! I got to get a shot of him eating eggs he has a way of making a small hole and sucking out … Continue reading

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Keets and momma

Baby Keets learning to roost..

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Pigs to mud like ducks to water

Our new pair of Red Duroc Hogs..

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Mmm Chicken

This is the first run of CornishX destined for the freezer ..the yellow ones, there are four layers mixed in the batch. They are about 3wks behind the feed store had trouble getting them in apparently there was a shortage?? … Continue reading

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