Bring on the Guineas!

So we finally had one of our guinea fowls go broody about a week or two ago she started sitting on a clutch of eggs they had hidden under a bush… Having “free-range” birds of any type is fun especially when you are trying to collect eggs particularly guineas as they fly and go all over making egg collecting like an Easter egg hunt every day. So after noticing there was one spot that got frequented more than others the random egg found in the yard started to get placed in this central spot to help build up the clutch there must be 30 or more eggs under her..


….and just the other day while out back a strange guinea sound was heard behind one of the compost piles upon further inspection this girl turned up..


….and she was sitting on these (2 chicken eggs were added for fun)..


Now we wait and see what happens next.

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2 Responses to Bring on the Guineas!

  1. adalynfarm says:

    Fun to see them on the nest! We had guineas for a while, but ended up getting rid of them, they were SOOO LOUUUDDD! I’ll want to see what the chicks look like!!!

  2. Zack says:

    I don’t know if it is the sheer volume of the Guineas or the fact that they never stop making noise that will drive you batty faster 😉 Luv ’em anyways!
    They are still sitting..they seem to take turns and hold little meetings gathered around the nest supporting the broodier hen. Most of the eggs must be duds only one hatched but it was dead by the time we it found it so no picture was taken. However we haven’t found new eggs around so they must be laying them in the large clutch so who knows? Every-time I try to count them they hiss and squawk until I leave!

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