JaJa Brownie and Buster

Our Nubians goats were born January 2011 and we brought them home in June when they were 6 months old. The plan was to use them for milk but we need to wait one more season before that happens. We had thought about getting one that was “in milk” and ready to go however being new to goats we figured instead of learning how to care for them and milk them all at once maybe it would be smarter to take it slow and learn the care part first then add in the milking in later, this method has worked out well. The forums over at BackYardHerds and The Goat Spot have also helped immensely when looking for an answer to a question with feeding or some other aspect of caring for our girls.

As for selection the Nubians were picked for the breeds temperament, milk quality, amount of milk they produce, tolerance to hot summer heat and of course last but not least we loved the way they look with the long floppy ears!

The conclusion?

Goats are great! They are very entertaining to watch, always jumping, running and playing around our kids love them too they are always playing with them as well usually a dusty version of follow the leader! Soon enough the milk will come along with some new babies that will expand the herd and fill our fridge with fresh milk and cheese…good times!

Enjoy the picture of one of our dogs Buster getting a better look at JaJa and Brownie. BTW they have been very well mannered with each other once the initial ‘new’ wore off the dogs could care less about sharing space with the goats.


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  1. Serdar says:

    Welcome to the world of gruemot milk!Did you know that all goat milk doesn’t taste the same? All cow milk doesn’t taste the same either. Some people prefer the flavor of LaManchas, some people prefer the flavor of Nubians. Some people like Dexter milk, some Guernsey, some Jersey, some Angus, some Holstein. There can even be variations in taste from one individual of a breed and another.I started with beef cows, got into dairy goats, then dairy cows and now entering into the world of meat goats. I love my cows and my goats…they are very different. We actually keep a beef cow (Braunvieh) for house milk and are getting into meat goats to reduce (not eliminate) the milking chores and be able to keep my addiction, which is the goats.BTW, my goat milk developed a cream line after about 3 days sitting in the fridge. I have LaManchas and now Boer crosses. I never did make butter, it tasted too good drinking it fresh. Even with cow milk, which makes a cream line after 24 hours, I still don’t make butter….it tastes too good drinking it fresh.Oh, and milking while sitting behind the goat can be a LOT easier on the back and give better control/protection of the milk pail.

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