How to brine a whole hog (aka: The Pig Waterer)






The secret to getting a perfect brine for a whole hog is to start while they are small and slowly over the months infuse the pig with the brine from the inside out. Plus Vodka makes for one happy pig!


Of course if you just want to make an easy waterer using a pig nipple and a 55 gallon barrel the steps are similar.



Step 1. Get a pig nipple and because they are made for high pressure you will need to drill out the back cap to allow for more volume with the lower pressure.



This is what you should end up with, be sure not to drill through the screen and clean up any loose plastic before putting it back together.



The 55gal barrel used here had plastic caps, one was threaded for a garden hose and a small vent was drilled into that, the other is below it was drilled out to just smaller than the nipple waterer threads then pressed into place.






Once you tighten the cap back onto the barrel used a wrench and align the nipple in the correct orientation to how the barrel will be installed.


Here’s the pig checking it out for the first time. As you can see you’ll have to get the height right for your pig make it slightly above their snout ┬áso they have to kind of lift their head. Don’t over-think as you can see this is just a couple of small pallets and a scrap 2×4 board was nailed on either side of the barrel so it wont roll. For fun there is a piece of cement underneath where the water might drip.


Mmmmmmm clean water! Pig approved!




In the future a small roof may be added to shade the waterer another thing to note is the top cap will need to have a vent hole drilled in it and may be stuffed with a screen to keep stuff out if you desire.

Last note the caps were removed and installed with a large set of channel locks wedged into them.

If anything changes in the future updates will be here.

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Pig feeding time

This is when he was still a little guy, smacking away on some kitchen scraps..he sure enjoys eating! I got to get a shot of him eating eggs he has a way of making a small hole and sucking out the middle, good stuff!


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Keets and momma

Baby Keets learning to roost..


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Pigs to mud like ducks to water

Our new pair of Red Duroc Hogs..


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Mmm Chicken

This is the first run of CornishX destined for the freezer ..the yellow ones, there are four layers mixed in the batch. They are about 3wks behind the feed store had trouble getting them in apparently there was a shortage?? Anyways they are here and in 7wks will be bagged, tagged and frozen. Good thing about getting birds this late is they don’t need a light in the brooder so it’s one less thing to mess with.


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