Small Scale Fruit Orchard

Adding fruit trees in our family is a no brainer the kids (and us) eat a ton of fruit and the crap that tries to be passed off as fruit in the grocery stores nowadays only resembles fruit, it is usually watery, tasteless and either rock hard or mushy..

I will admit I’m spoiled having grown up in an environment that allowed me to go outside and pick a snack right off a tree (my dad has some great fruit trees) and unfortunately tasting a super ripe plum, apricot or nectarine has made most store bought fruit unpalatable. Yes I understand the logistics of harvesting, shipping and stocking and realize that super ripe fruit will not ship without turning into mush but come on this stuff is terrible at least provide something that tastes decent! We are not even talking about the unknown pesticides, handling techniques, waxing, etc that go on. Instead of complaining any longer I figure heck let’s just do something about it!

I’m excited! No more store fruit for us!

What happens in January when we crave a peach you ask? Well we look outside see bare trees and figure that it’s not peach time yet… Or we crack open a jar of peaches canned from a prior harvest. We want to take this “Local Eating” to our own backyard whenever possible.

Yes it will take a bit to get going (as you notice there are no trees and I hear they take some time to grow 🙂 but they won’t start unless I plant them no amount of procrastination will make the fruit appear)

So the layout that was done as you can see below is setup for a dozen trees, everything is staked out so water lines can be run to make watering easy and cover crops will be grown in the rows with the trees. The larger posts at the end are end posts that will be supporting wire to run for grapes, muscadines and berries. There are five 40’ (ish) rows for vines I just need to put end posts at the far end run the wire and add stakes to finish that portion. All in all it is going well and should allow for good growth at least that’s the hope there are some trees that are scattered around in other parts of the property but I have always dug the look of a mini orchard / vineyard.


Buster making sure everything is laid out. Small stakes are holes to be.


I love this thing! Post hole digger with a 6″ auger makes short work of setting stakes.


Holes are dug ready for stakes to go in.


Short break to look in on the chickens, eggs have started to come back after their winter break a much welcomed change!


All the stakes and posts in and lined up. End posts for the vines are from old power poles the other side will be from the vineyard that was here before but light was running out so those will go in later.


Last shot before the sun ran out. The end posts were cut so they are all roughly (very roughly) the same height.


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