Who is Rabid Turkey?

Rabid Turkey Farms just kinda popped up while trying to figure out what to put in-between www. and .com… Seemed like a good name at the time and sometimes in the interest of progress when something feels right just run with it, get moving and don’t over analyze! There is a turkey here but he’s not rabid although he does act pretty goofy at times…I mean have you ever seen a turkey run?!

The “Farm” portion is a couple acres where we garden and raise livestock (currently chickens, goats, turkeys, guinea fowl and a rabbit but always changing things around!) We are also setting up a small rotational pasture to better manage the land use. Basically this is an experiment that has been put into motion testing out different things, seeing what works, what doesn’t and just trying to put things together to form a small scale farm environment that will provide self-sufficiency for our family while blazing a path towards creating an abundance that can be marketed allowing the farm to provide for itself and support the crazy ideas we come up with to push things forward.

So without further ado Rabid Turkey Farms it is! Stay tuned, check back in, subscribe and share your own experiences with us we will definitely share ours with you!!

-Zack ‘Head Turkey’

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