Breeding Time

Looks like its that time for our two girls to be bred! As this is the first time for all of us waiting for all the signs to be there was key after all we wanted the breeding to take. A while back the method was in question do we get a buck? Use AI (artificial insemination)? Or just go to a breeder?
The ideal choice would have been to take them back to the ranch the girls came from as the folks there are great they have many bucks and we have a standing invitation but it is a couple hours away and without a livestock trailer the easiest way to move the goats is in the van which nobody enjoys! As we didn’t find an AI breeder in time taking them to a local buck was the way to go so a Craigslist post was made in the farm & garden section (CL is the best! ) and later that day we had a local who breeds Nubian and Alpine goats.
The girls were loaded up and taken down to the farm for their “date” with ‘Leroy’ a good looking 3 year old Nubian buck, now the waiting game starts as it takes 140-150 days to kid and that is only if they are pregnant…Fingers are crossed here!!

Here is JaJa and ‘ol Leroy


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