Chicks at day 15

Graduated the flock to a hanging feeder yes that is an old dog chain and spark plug wrench holding it up, all about repurposing here!

It adjusts by taking the handle off and sliding the chain up a notch or two until the lip is at the chicks back height. To remove just grab the handle and pull the wrench out, easy solution. They seem to like it as all 24 of them can fit around it which is what happens when I give the the food back in the morning.


Also they got a new waterer it’s a 2gal galvanized job made in the USA very nice but I overlooked the fact that it can’t be hung due to the design so it’s placed on a 4″ block to raise it up to back height. Before they had a pair of quart waterers that would need to be refilled once a day this will easily make it 24hrs.


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